The influence of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on the Georgian Politics

The Russian war against Ukraine is still underway but whatever its outcome, it will have a lasting effect on regional and global politics. In the case of Georgia, the impact may be especially big. There is an expectation in the Georgian society that the war will greatly affect Georgia’s international positioning as well as its domestic political situation...
Policy Paper
September 2022
                             Ghia Nodia

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 Crisis as a New Normal:
 Lessons Learned from Georgia's Year of Troubles".
What can we learn from Georgia's long political crisis? Did it create a new normal? What are the way outs of this new normality? The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development prepared a new policy paper "Crisis as a New Normal: Lessons Learned from Georgia's Year of Troubles". The study was supported by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED). "
 Ghia Nodia

                                    January 2022

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  FiNAL ANNUAL REPORT (2017-2018)

 Title: Religious pluralism, extremism, and democracy:
 monitoring and debate in Georgia and Azerbaijan
 Partners:  CIPDD@THE FAR CENTER            

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