2018 events06.10.2018

: Presentation of the research essay "Georgian Avars - Lock against Development" based on a research conducted by the Caucasus Institute.
Date: 13 June
Event type: Essay presentation
Venue: Open Society Office

Title: Project - "Strengthening the Civic Integration of Avar and Georgian Youth".
March 20
Event Type: Training
Place: Kvareli

Title: Grant Agreement: - "Restoration of Irrigation System in Six Villages of Akhaltsikhe Municipality" - Between the Embassy of Japan and the Caucasus Institute!
Date: February
Event Type: Contract
Place: Embassy of Japan

Title: “Strengthening the Civic Integration of Avar and Georgian Youth
Date: 19 December
Type of event: Strengthening civic integration
Place: Georgian-British Academყ

Title: A group of students from the Czech Republic visited the Caucasus Institute to get acquainted with the organization. Date: 25 June
Event type: Introduction to the organization
Place: Caucasus Institute

2017 events06.10.2017

: Local Development Initiatives
Date: January 27-29
Event Type: Workshop
Place: Caucasus Institute

Title: Religious Pluralism, Extremism and Democracy: Monitoring and Debate
Date: 4 February
Event Type: Brochure Edition
Place: Caucasus Institute

Title: Islam, Politics and Identity in Pankisi
Date: 5 March
Type of events: Brochure publication
Place: Caucasus Institute

Title: Caucasus Institute is announcing a vacancy for the position of Researcher / Analyst.
Date: 18 may
Event type: Submission of quantitative research data, focus groups, analytical report by the selected researcher (30-40) pages
Place: Caucasus Institute


Title:  Power for development
Date: March 23
Event type: Working meeting with representatives of four municipalities - Akhaltsikhe, Bolnisi, Khashuri and Shuakhevi
Place: Region

Title: Sixth Season of the Club of World Religions
Date: March 15
Event Type: Lecture Course
Place: Caucasus Institute

Title: 25th Anniversary of the Caucasus Institute
Date: 12 November
Event Type: Anniversary Celebration
Place: Caucasian Institute

Title: Event Dedicated to the International Day for Tolerance
Date: 16 November
Event Type: Caucasus Institute Awarded as a Tolerance Supporter
Place: Adenauer Foundation

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Title: "Projects and initiatives to promoute and Strengthen the Civil Sector and Independent Media in Georgia".
Type of event:  Press-conference
Venue:  CIPDD

Title: Fiscal and Administrative desentralization
Type of event: video lecture
Venue: Youtube

Title:Democracy think-tanks in action
Type of event: public discussion 
Venue: CIPDD

Title: " The role of fair elections in the democracy development process" was carried out with financial support of the Council of Europe.
Type of event: student debates
Venue: Telavi , Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Batumi and Tbilisi. 

Title: Georgian Institute of Debates and Education (GIDE) and CIPDD organized a student debate
Type of event: Student debate
Venue: CIPDD

Title: Civil Society for Development in Georgia
Type of event: student debate
Venue:Telavi , Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Batumi and Tbilisi.

Title: Provision of humanitarian assistance to repatriates, prevention of self-repatriation
Date: on June 16, 2012
Type of event: Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Venue: Ianeti, Nasakirali

Title: Provision of humanitarian assistance to repatriates, prevention of self-repatriation
Date: on November 17, 2012
Type of event: Presentation a Documentary Film
Venue:  Cinema's House

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