Not the Russian law!22.02. 2023

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Statement of the organization and media:

We, the citizens of Georgia, are categorically opposed to the draft law initiated by members of the parliamentary majority on agents of foreign influence, for which the chairman of the parliament and other members of the majority expressed their support. We believe that the attempt to adopt this Russian law is directed not only against free civil society organizations and critical media, but also against the population of Georgia

! This draft law is a response to the hundreds of facts of violence, corruption, illegality and selective law that public organizations and independent media study and publicize. Those who continued to function became victims of increasing control, harassment and repression. Russian law is not Georgia's choice, for which we have been fighting for decades.

The adoption of this bill will be an attack on the main Georgian values ​​- sense of dignity, independence and civil solidarity. In addition, the adoption of the draft law will seriously damage the process of the country's integration with Europe, including hindering Georgia's progress towards EU membership, which does not have a similar law in any of its member states.

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