Training of Trainers for Party Members03.08.2012

On December 12-15, 2006 Training of Trainers for the representatives of seven Georgian political parties was held in Hotel 'Ambasadori', Tbilisi, Georgia. The training focused at empowering the party representatives with the practical skills and tools to conduct the trainings to the party members and discussing the issues around strategy planning.


The strategy planning- drafting of long-term plans, development of comprehensive policies and design of specific activities are key in the process of political institutions work. In order to establish well institutionalized and strong organizations, the Georgian political parties express their willingness to participate in the activities designed to foster development of the skills and capacity in long-term strategy planning. The parties also stress the importance of sharing international experience in the field.

The members of Georgian political parties and representatives of CIPDD, NIMD, OSCE-ODIHR and Dutch Christian Democratic Party (CDA) attended the ToT. A total of 30 attendees represented seven political parties: Conservative Party of Georgia, Industry will Save Georgia, Labour Party of Georgia, New Rights, Republican Party, United National Movement and Way of Georgia. One-third of the party members at the event were women; one fourth – young activists. Most of the participants represented  party central offices and Tbilisi district organizations.

The training focused on strategy planning skills for the participant political party representatives. It was led by two trainers from CDA – Jacqueline Verhagen and Anton Roerig. Mr. Roerig stressed the experience of the Dutch Christian Democratic Party by presenting the party history, discussing the importance of change in political organization, management of changes and the relevant strategies applied. He emphasized the strength and weaknesses of each strategy and briefly reviewed the major strategic decisions made by Christian Democratic Party throughout its history.

Jacqueline Verhagen focused on the skills of working with auditorium- defining their expectations, changing and adapting curriculum to the needs of participants; she additionally outlined the ways of putting different phases of strategy planning in practice. Mrs. Verhagen gave specific assignments to the participants, thus giving the trainees possibility to practice gained knowledge and express their remarks on the issues discussed.

The training was positively evaluated by Georgian political parties’ representatives; they signed a memorandum together with the Dutch trainers expressing their good will to deliver obtained information and materials to the party members by acting as trainers on the issue for their respective parties.

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